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HVACR Training Courses

I-know.com is an award-winning global online education platform offering eLearning courses and reference information material to the Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and BSE industries. It was developed by Star Refrigeration back in 2006 as an alternative learning tool to provide HVAC&R engineers with a quick, easy and convenient way to update knowledge, encourage good practises and share technical expertise.

The platform offers a set of resources focused at further professional careers and obtaining technical knowledge, and offers support for technicians through a free Library packed with hundreds of Health & Safety Bulletins, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Handbooks and Papers, and inside ‘how-to’ guides from leading refrigeration and air conditioning organisations. All the material has been created from the extensive knowledge and expertise of professional engineers within the Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heat Pump industry.

Star Refrigeration's eLearning project has awarded thousands of CPD accredited diplomas to a variety of customers, including the world’s leading contractors, retail operators and end users and has prepared and certified thousands of technicians around Europe for F-Gas Certification. Its community continues to grow and it is currently 15,000 members strong.

Working in partnership with international organisations such as UNEP and The International Institute of Refrigeration, this platform aims to raise awareness of eLearning opportunities for the industry; up-skilling and re-skilling, aiding the exchange of experiences and sharing of knowledge and ideas within the industry worldwide and providing engineers with a rounded view of the operational concepts, procedures, safety measures and new environmentally friendly technologies that have already been successfully adopted by leading organisations worldwide.

Through a network of international business partners - with whom we co-produce relevant products for specific markets, co-operate to build mutually beneficial relationships, and establish licensing agreements worldwide - the user’s virtual learning experience is complemented with practical training and assessment for HVACR qualifications throughout a range of global locations at our partners centres.

Our Mission

To provide a world class, web based learning solution for the global cooling and heating markets to support the continued development of the industry and its workforce.

Our Vision

To be the industry's point of reference for workforce development world-wide by providing internationally recognised and accredited continuing professional development (CPD) material.

Our Value Proposal to You

Convenient, interactive and affordable eLearning that offers you a world-class professional development platform that is easy to use and flexible.

Our first objective is to give you exceptionally high quality learning material 24/7.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access high quality career development learning material throughout their working life. Star Refrigeration has a reputation for quality, innovation, professional expertise and life-long professional development of its people and these are the values we choose to transfer into this project.

Star Refrigeration

Star Refrigeration is the UK’s largest independent industrial refrigeration company. Since 1970, Star has been dedicated to testing, designing and developing groundbreaking industrial cooling and heating systems and leading the way in pioneering CO₂, ammonia and hydrocarbon refrigeration solutions at a global scale for the benefit of its customers and the environment.

It has successfully delivered innovative and reliable products and services to the world’s leading organisations in over 50 countries, with diverse businesses that span consultancy, education and design, through to commissioning and maintenance of HVACR solutions.

Star Refrigeration serves industries that are vital to our way of life and critical to the sustainability of the planet, hence it works in partnerships with its customers to deliver a perfect economic, environmental and social balance for the sustainable growth of their business by reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption and increasing efficiency.

Star’s track record of award winning products and services is unrivalled. Its achievements in the field of technical innovation within the cooling and heating industry encompasses over 100 international refrigeration patents, including the non-ozone-depleting refrigerants most commonly used to retrofit ACR systems around the world today.

Group of Companies

The group operates in five global business sectors: industrial refrigeration engineering - Star Refrigeration; freezing and chilling equipment specialist – StarFrost; electrical and mechanical engineering – Star M&E Solutions; cooling and heating technical consultancy – Star Technical Solutions; and HVACR eLearning - Star Learning Solutions.

Star Refrigeration is a world pioneer in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of industrial cooling and heating solutions that pushes forward the boundaries of environmentally focused refrigeration and air conditioning. During the last 40 years, Star have successfully developed cutting edge applications using natural refrigerants, providing its customers with increasingly better and more innovative technological solutions that build a more sustainable way of life.

Starfrost provides innovative industrial freezing and chilling eco-solutions to the food and process industries across the world.

Star Technical Solutions offers independent support to users of cooling and heating around the world. STS provide services including preparation of specifications to tender, regulator and legislative support, policy and product development and expert witness.

Star M&E Solutions offers M&E services and electrical panels to a range of industries.

Star Learning Solutions delivers a blended learning platform, providing both online training via I-Know.com and practical training for the refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump and BSE industries through its partners around the world.

Branch Locations
Star Refrigeration Branch Locations
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  • Glasgow
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