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CO2 Refrigeration Courses

These CO2 courses will provide you with a basic understanding of the use of CO2 refrigeration systems. These courses offer a broad introduction to the fundamental knowledge required to work on Carbon Dioxide systems. It also helps you prepare for further study of advanced CO2 Refrigeration Systems.

The course content encompasses specific properties of CO2, safety, design, installation and maintenance considerations including advantages in using CO2. This course also deals with the functionality of the different types of refrigeration systems: volatile secondary, volatile secondary with DX, volatile secondary/cascade, trans-critical and direct expansion.

It will be of great assistance to those already working with CO2 refrigeration systems and those who are new to using natural refrigerants. Bearing in mind that CO2 technology will become increasingly important in the near future, and this alone will create new job opportunities.

A great deal of thought and expertise has been put into the development of this course by Star Refrigeration engineers, who collated information and knowledge in the use of CO2 in refrigeration systems. In addition, Danfoss also contributed valuable material.

This course is formed by four online modules.


The content of this course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines. On successful completion of the courses you will get a CPD Diploma certified for Continuing Professional Development by The Construction CPD Certification Service and The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers. Please note, this course is not a full qualification. To obtain a qualification you will be required to undertake additional training and assessment at an accredited test centre.


2-3 hours to complete (depending on learning speed).

Target Audience

Anyone interested or working with refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and CO2 Refrigeration systems. The module within this course can be used either as induction, awareness, refresher or foundation training.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements.

CA03 - CO2 Installation and Commissioning Techniques



CA04 - CO2 Service & Maintenance



CA01 - CO2 Refrigeration Fundamentals

CO2 Refrigeration Courses


CA02 - CO2 Refrigeration System Basics

CO2 Refrigeration Courses