Baltimore Aircoil Company
Innovative heat transfer solutions
Founded in Baltimore, in 1938
Baltimore Aircoil International nv
Industriepark, zone A
B-2220 Heist-op-den-Berg
Phone: +32 (0)15 25 77 00
Fax: +32 (0)15 24 47 79

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BAC - Baltimore Aircoil

Baltimore Aircoil is a leading company in the field of development, manufacturing and distribution of evaporative cooling and ice thermal storage products. These products offer environmentally-friendly solutions by saving water and energy in air conditioning, refrigeration and industrial process cooling applications.

The R&D department is highly advanced and is engaged exclusively in developing and testing evaporative cooling systems and installations for thermal storage and the evaluation of a wide range of solutions for a given product requirement.

In large laboratories engineers simulate all kinds of environmental and operational conditions to which the cooling systems can be subjected. As part of the Baltimore Aircoil philosophy it is not just components that are tested but the complete systems as well.

Baltimore Aircoil operates from modern production facilities spread strategically across Europe in order thus to be able to offer customers the optimum service. Hypermodern systems and production machinery support the production process and provide the capability to manufacture a wide range of products and the full gamut of components.

Consultants, contractors and owners can count on the support of specialist engineers capable of developing tailor-made solutions. The Baltimore Aircoil team assists customers with the implementation of innovative concepts, seeking out solutions for optimum use of available resources and at the most economic purchase cost. There is also a team that provides answers to all questions and problems on the operation, maintenance and upgrading of cooling systems. The European network of representatives also offers onsite help and is able to supply any parts needed directly.

BAC - Baltimore Aircoil