Danfoss Turbocor
Fluid control, pump, seal & valve manufacturing
Headquarters in Tallahassee
World pioneer of magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors
Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc.
1769 E. Paul Dirac Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32310

Phone: 850-504-4800
Fax: 850-575-2126

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Danfoss Turbocor

World Leader of Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Compressors for the HVAC

Danfoss Turbocor Compressors is transforming the commercial HVAC market with innovative technology that redefines lifetime operating costs for mid-range chiller and rooftop applications. Magnetic bearings, two stage centrifugal compression, a variable speed permanent magnet motor and intelligent electronic controls combine to create a sustainable energy efficient solution that is compact, lightweight and quiet. Combining industrially proven component technologies largely sourced from the aerospace industry, Danfoss Turbocor compressors promise new horizons in energy efficiency. Reliability is assured with almost 24,000 compressors produced since 2003

In a new world of deregulating energy markets, environmental focus, and converging technologies, Danfoss Turbocor's mission is to redefine lifetime operating costs for commercial HVACR applications.

Danfoss Turbocor Compressors provides the HVAC market with the industry’s first highly efficient, oil-free centrifugal compressors designed to minimize both energy and maintenance costs. The primary focus is on mid-range chiller, split system and rooftop applications for both new and retrofit applications. The new company combines worldwide expertise and resources of Danfoss with award winning oil-free technology developed by Turbocor.

The headquarters are complete with an R&D lab, training center, and large manufacturing plant to meet the growing demand for the Turbocor compressor technology.

Danfoss Turbocor has Sales offices located around the world.

Danfoss Fluid control, pump, seal & valve manufacturing