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From its inception in 1984, Starfrost has become a market leader in the manufacture of industrial Spiral Freezers & freezing systems for the worldwide food industry. Today we continue to maintain our status by providing Custom built freezer & chiller solutions and innovative technology. Starfrost has successfully delivered to over 45 countries, covering all continents in the global market. Starfrost sets the standard as a supplier of the highest quality food freezing and chilling systems. Our highly trained and experienced team of engineers can deliver consistent quality systems anywhere in the world.

Starfrost pioneered the development of the Spiral Freezer and IQF Freezer and Chiller systems. They are both manufactured from Stainless Steel using a fully welded construction.

All drives are directly shaft mounted. This avoids any unhygienic fixings or lubrication points. the strict health and safety standards of today's workplace have ensured that Starfrost continues to develop machines with customer input at the design stage.

Starfrost have introduced CIP systems for high standard cleaning and closed circuit TV for monitoring inside the freezer; all conveyor belt and fan speeds can be altered to optimise the performance of the freezer. The site built system is manufactured in a modular design. This reduces the on-site installation time and cost.

StarFrost Spiral Freezer and IQF Freezer and Chiller systems