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Designing and manufacturing highly reliable Thermostatic Valves for over 30 years
Thermoreg Products Ltd.
22 Chiswick Avenue
Suffolk IP28 7AY

Phone: +44 (0)1638 712720
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Thermoreg Products Ltd

Headquartered in the UK, Thermoreg designs and manufactures high-quality thermostatic valves for marine and industrial applications.

The company’s products are used in ships, submarines, hospitals, off-shore installations, locomotives, power generators and other situations that demand the best in reliability and performance.

Founded in 1979, Thermoreg prides itself on being able to deliver top-quality products quickly in whatever quantities its customers require.

It achieves this by machining the parts it needs from components and castings sourced from local manufacturers and foundries – suppliers with whom it has close working relationships.

Valves for use in ‘standard’ lub oil / water situations use elements made of brass and bronze while those intended for use with seawater, synthetic oil or ammonia-contaminated oil are made from special alloys. Depending on the customer’s needs, valve bodies can be made of various materials – cast iron, SG (Spheroidal Graphite) iron, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, bronze, low-temperature carbon steel and/or duplex steel.

To deliver the best-possible results for its customers, Thermoreg’s 836 sq.m (9,000 sq.ft) factory in Mildenhall, Suffolk, is equipped with CNC machining centres, conventional lathes and mills, a vertical borer and a radial drill. The manufacturing floor includes a pressure testing area, a paint shop and an inspection and dispatch area.

Products, which can be used in either diverting or mixing configurations, are available either directly from Thermoreg or through distributors in Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Spain and Switzerland.