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AC11 - Fundamentals of
Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • F Gas Regulation Certification

Topic Aim:
To describe some of the basic Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance checks and the refrigerant replacement procedure.


By the end of this topic you will be able to:

  • Describe the visual and operational maintenance checks used to test system performance
  • Explain the refrigerant replacement procedure
  • Explain the hazards associated with exposure to refrigerant

Pre-requisite Study:

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Refrigerant handling
  • Pressure testing

Areas covered in this module:

  • Introduction and Competence
  • Visual Checks
  • System Operation
  • Operational Checks
  • Refrigerant Replacement: Safety
  • Refrigerant Replacement: Recovery, Leak Test, Evacuation, Charging, Final Checks and Disconnection
  • Summary
  • Quiz

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