CA04 - CO2 Service & Maintenance

  • CO2 Refrigeration Courses

Topic Aim:

CA03 and CA04 will allow the student to understand the:

  • Properties of CO2
  • Operation of many types of refrigeration systems in use today
  • Working principles of CO2 refrigeration equipment
  • System design and control basics
  • Sequences for de-commissioning CO2 systems

CA04 will further introduce the following Service and Maintain topics:

  • Planning and preparation for Service and Maintenance
  • Regulations and Safe working practices
  • Inspection and checking refrigeration systems.
  • Planned maintenance

These CO2 courses will provide you with a basic understanding of the use of CO2 refrigeration systems. Basic system concept line drawings are included along with detailed information on some actual systems. The CA03 and CA04 modules will typically require 3 to 4 hours of study time to offer a broad introduction to the fundamental knowledge required to work on Carbon Dioxide systems. A great deal of thought and expertise has been put into the development of these courses by Star Refrigeration engineers, who collated information and knowledge in the use of CO2 in refrigeration systems. In addition, Danfoss and Bitzer also contributed with valuable material. Students who achieve a final test result greater than 80% will receive a Diploma that has been certified by both CIBSE and the Construction CPD International Service.

Topic Objectives:

The following are the competencies you will gain by completing the courses:

  • Comparison of properties/equipment/pipe sizes of CO2 to HFC and Ammonia Refrigerants.
  • Understand Pressure Enthalpy Diagrams for CO2, including Triple Point and Supercritical Regions.
  • Safety considerations.
  • Systems – Direct Expansion/Cascade/Volatile Secondary/Transcritical/Booster.
  • Equipment – Compressors/Evaporators/Condensers/Gas Coolers/Pumps and Controls.
  • Design principles – safety devices/allowable pressures/lubricants.
  • Health and Safety considerations.
  • CO2 handling procedures.
  • Decommissioning procedures.
  • Quiz to assess knowledge gained.

Additional Material in CA04 Service and Maintain:

  • Service and Maintain Codes and Regulations
  • Customer relationships
  • Inspection of systems and piping
  • Removal and refitting of components
  • “Dry Ice” internal blockages
  • Planned Maintenance procedures


The two courses CA03 and CA04 share many of the same fundamental topics plus specialised information for either install and Commission (CA03) or Service and Maintain (CA 04). It is intended that students purchase either CA03 or CA04 depending on area of interest. The course content will prepare students for the knowledge assessment of the City and Guilds Level 3 CO2 Vocational Qualifications 6187 units 319 and 321. A level 3 vocational qualification is widely recognised as the minimum level of qualification required for working unsupervised or indeed the supervision of others. While the courses refer to various Codes, Standards and Regulations which apply to the United Kingdom, the courses will benefit students in any country that is interested in gaining knowledge in the properties of CO2 and the application or operation of the refrigerant in various types of systems.

Target Audience:

Anyone interested in or already working with refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump systems using CO2 as the refrigerant.

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