Star Indigochiller: Operation & Maintenance

When Star developed the Indigochiller we aimed to build in features that we believed would make it the best chiller on the market. By "best", we mean the chiller that would offer the lowest cost of ownership to the end-user over the expected life of the plant. We built in unrivalled durability through the use of rugged, industrial components and we aimed to make the chiller leakproof, ensuring that all sources of refrigerant leak were eliminated wherever possible.

Year-round efficiency is assured through the combination of the unique Turbocor compressor with Star's own control software, incorporating energy saving features that are not available on any other chiller. Best of all, we designed the entire chiller to make it as easy as possible to keep the unit operating at its design efficiency. Heat exchangers are accessible, so they can be cleaned regularly to maintain peak performance. The control software includes a performance guide, which constantly monitors the chiller against current operating conditions and indicates when the COP is drifting away from the design conditions.

This eLearning course covers the basics of operating and maintenance. Aimed at hands-on operators and free to iKNOW users, it provides an overview of the system basics, from theory and principals to start up and shutdown.

IC01 - Operation & Maintenance

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